My Hondas

1993 del Sol Si
May 11, 2002

I sold my MGB and felt a great emptiness...Then my hunny said "Hey, why don't you buy a del Sol?" Well, I just happened to know someone who was selling one...So check out the DUCK Sol!

2001 Accord EX V6 Coupe
April 30, 2001

I'll probably take some grief from my friends and associates, but I traded the '99 for a '01 on April 19...All because I wanted a Satin Silver Accord! (I expect the grief because when I bought the '99, I fell so in love with it I told everyone that my kids would one day drive the car, as I could never see myself parting with it...)

Actually, there were other reasons for getting a new car, particularly the added safety features and the incredible finance rates that are available right now. Without getting into too many details, now was just a good time to get another Accord.

I'll have pictures up shortly. When everything is ready, I'll have an ongoing section of VDUCKdotCOM dedicated to the '01 here.

1999 Accord EX V6 Coupe
December 29, 1998-April 19, 2001

My wonderful Accord, now gone. Click here for all the glorious details on my first Accord...

1997 Civic EX
February 8, 1997-December 29, 1999

This page will have some details on the Honda that started it all for me, my 1997 Civic EX. That car was truly a dedicated little Ricer, never saying no and always ready to go. I feel bad for letting her go, so this page is going up as we speak, dedicated to her and her short life in my care.

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