My Beloved Civic

Me and my '97 Honda Civic EX.
What can I say? I love my cars! (cool license plate, eh?)

I bought this car February 8, 1997. Up to that point, it was the best car I ever owned, and I don't think it had anything to do with it being the first new car I ever owned.

I wasn't planning on buying a new car when I bought the Civic...I had the 1991 Mercury Capri, but it was starting to give me trouble (I had just put $1000 into a new tranny for the Capri). Dad had just started selling Hondas, and had nothing but good things to say about Civics and Accords.

I had decided to look at the Accords and thought I would get one. But after I test drove a couple, I wasn't convinced. Then I test drove my Civic and knew it was the car I wanted!

I loaded this thing up off the dealer's lot: I got the EX, the top of the line, put a tape player and CD Changer in it, I got the spoiler, the bra, everything but a kitchen sink! And this car hummed along, and it was fast!

I noticed a funny thing while owning this vehicle: Honda owners are like dogs: Ever notice that no matter what else is going on, dogs always notice the other dog in the crowd, and don't care about anything else? Honda owners, especially those of us in Gen-X, are the same way. It didn't matter what else was going on, what other cars were on the road or what kind of traffic, Honda owners all look at each other's Hondas! Kind of funny...

I did a couple of after market things to the Civic: I put a Weapon*R Air Intake on it, and it did feel a bit peppier after I got it running well, and a Z-Speed Strut Brace to stiffen the handling. That car could take corners like it was on rails!

Alas, the Civic's days were numbered when I saw my first 1998 Honda Accord Coupe...If Honda hadn't made the Coupe, I may still be driving the Civic. But on my birthday, 1998, I traded the Civic in on my 1999 Honda Accord Coupe EX V6. It was a sad moment actually, saying goodbye to the Civic. It had been a faithful, always ready, always reliable car that never got mad or jealous, and NEVER gave me any trouble. But it was happy for me to that I was moving on to another Honda. I hope that whereever she ended up, my old Civic is doing well...It deserves it!

Update: February 2003 - I have recently found out while doing some insurance shopping that "my" beloved Civic was totalled in 1999. Can I just vent and say that I am truly heart-broken by this news! May she rest in peace...

Cool plates, huh? Me and my shaved head and my Civic...(Notice dad's '93 CX in the background. Today he has that ride and a '00 Prelude...)