2001 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe

New Accord
April 19, 2001

NOTE: This page won't be laden with tech-tips or a list of things I have done to "hoochie" my ride. It's more of a "hey world, here's my ride" if that makes sense. There are some links at the bottom of this page for sites that are dedicated to all manner of 6th-Generation Accord issues, so check it out! --duck

Okay, why did I do it? Why did I trade one Accord in for another Accord? For a few reasons:

Also, I was leasing the last Accord, and the way interest rates are now, I decided to outright purchase this ride, and it wasn't that much more a month!

Pictures coming soon! Pay attention here!

April 30, 2001

Okay, Pics are loaded up and viewable:

Both Accords on the dealers lot...

Me and My Accord @work

My New Accord at night...

THE engine

Accord in the daylight

My Accord resting at home

May 2, 2001

Having been inspired by Alicia's Accord Page, I've ordered a few mods for my new Accord, including Euro Clear Tail Lights, Reverse Indiglo Gauges, a Blue Indiglo Honda Emblem, a Chrome oil cap and chrome Type R Racing pedals (I have a chrome fetish). No performance mods yet, but those will come soon.

The plan for now is to tint the car by July and then add a Neuspeed Strut Tower Brace and an AEM Cold Air Funnel Jet Air Intake or a RAM Jet Air Intake to the Accord sometime thereafter. I'll keep ya posted...

May 26, 2001

I had my wisdom teeth yanked today, so I apologize if this entry is incoherent since I'm alllll drugged up. ANYWAY, added the Altezza Euro-Style lights yesterday, and they look great! Check out pics here and here.

Also, added Razo racing pedals to my ride (no pics yet) and they look good. Word of advice to 6th Generation Accord owners: Type-R Pedals don't fit, so don't buy 'em.

Cool. I'm out like a light.

June 23, 2002

Okay, so don't expect too many updates here from me (oh well). But anyways, I have replaced the Altezza's with new Lexus Style tails. Check them out!

Soon, I hope to add BMW-style Halo Headlights. Check back sometime!

March 2003

I've been asked to put a better pic of the Lexus Style TYC tails up, so here ya go, and here's another with my del Sol.

I got these from Matrix Racing from an auction off of eBay last year. I get a lot of looks and occasionally people roll up beside me and ask me a bunch of questions about them. And best of all, they are street legal. Good job, TYC.

TYC will be coming out with Halo Projector headlights this summer, and let me tell you, I'm there!

Accord Links you might find helpful:

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ACCORD V6 dot Com
This is the site you're probably looking for: Has numerous links to other Accord sites, including member sites. Also has a cool forum that you can join and ask about tech-tips, mods, etc. Highly recommended by the Duck.

More to come

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