MG Repairs List

Here's all the stuff I had to do to my '78 MGB to get it Virginia emissions and safety inspection ready:

June 1999

Complete Tune Up
Change oil
Change oil filter
Change spark plugs
Change ignition wires
Change air filter
Change Radiator Coolant

Rebuild Carberator

Replaced Starter with new Starter

Replace Auto Choke with Manual Choke

Repair Front and Rear Brakes
Front: Replaced pads
Front: Caliper rebuild
Front: Replaced brake lines
Front: Replaced hoses (all)
Front: Replaced rotors

Rear: Replaced shoes
Rear: Replaced axle straps
Rear: Replaced brake lines

New Gulp Valve
New Air Pump
New Catalytic Converter
New Monza Dual Exhaust System
New Air Pump Pulley
New Air Pump Belt
New Air Pump to Gulp Valve Hose
Replaced exhaust gasket

Replaced radiator hose
Replaced motor mounts
Replaced motor mount brackets
Reground Camshaft
Replaced cam followers
Replaced front engine seak
Replaced valve cover gasket, seals and washers
Replaced timing cover gasket Installed polyurethane front end bushing kit
Drilled out and replaced broken engine studs
Replaced left-hand plate

Replaced rear wheel cylinder
Istalled used electric side of the ignition

Here's some other random issues I needed to address in 1999

July 1999

Replace all four tires, balance

September 1999

Replace Fly Wheel with Heavy-Duty Fly Wheel
Replace clutch assembly

Replace accelerator cable
Replace after-market electronic ignition with new ignition

The entire initial repairs cost me less than $3700...The new Starter cost me about $150, and the clutch repair $898...British Automotive Services were great. They were always careful to explain what was going on, what I should do, etc., and they did more at a price less than what others estimated.

Year 2000 Repairs

January 2000

Replace Distributor

April 2000

New Battery, 750 Cold Cranking Amps
New Ignition Relay
New Full-Size Spare Tire

June 2000

New Radio, Alpine CDE-7853 In-Dash CD-Player
New Door Speakers, Kenwood
Replaced Exhaust Bolts

July 2000

New Passenger-side wheel bearings
Re-did engine work (replaced wrong-sized washers, etc.)
Replaced vacuum hoses in trunk (fuel line)
New Alternator

September 2000

New paint by Maaco, including painting the rubber bumpers and the wheels
Fixed broken oil filter seal (apparently damaged by the last shop I took it to in order to get an oil change)
Motorhead 2-Hour Test